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The greatest remedy for anger is delay.
~Seneca (Roman Philosopher)

“Breaking In reminds aspiring artists that some things will never change; that real success will always be the domain of those who both work harder and work smarter.”

Kristin Chenoweth

“If you want to ‘make it’ in this business, you need to read this book!”

Robert Attermann, Vice President of Abrams Artists Agency

“I encourage everyone to focus on Evan’s chapter ‘Get Rich and Stay Rich’ which provides practical tips for preserving and growing your wealth.”

Lisa Harless, Senior Vice President, Regions Bank

“Evan Farmer offers an incredibly valuable, realistic, and insightful road-map for anyone pursuing success in the entertainment field.”

David Bourgeois, President & Creative Director, Voice Coaches

“Imperative Advice for Aspiring Entertainers!”

Krista Darting, Owner, www.RockOnTogether.com

” ‘Breaking In’ is one of the most informative and inspirational books I’ve ever read. Really well done.”

Troy Shafer

“[This Book is] a life tool, and it’s worth delving into. Personally, mine is all marked up and highlighted!”

Cat Grieve

“I’ll most likely read the book again so I can fully soak in everything he has to say. Awesome read!”

Allison Windom

“Breaking In: Break Out your Wallet and Get Two!”

George Grieve, Parent of Aspiring Artist

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Breaking In

…is the must-have handbook for any aspiring entertainer -in any discipline- who wants to avoid the pervasive pitfalls and myths of the industry while accelerating their opportunities to become superstars. It is also the first book of it’s kind to address the mental preparation, skills, traits, and specific actions required to break in to any aspect of the Entertainment Industry.    

If you or someone you care about has ever considered a career in any field of entertainment, this book is for you!


Inside Breaking In you will:

  • Learn the secrets of the biggest stars.
  • Find out why some of the most talented artists never make it and why so many artists with only mediocre talent become legends.
  • Understand the myths and traps of the entertainment industry and how they prevent most artists from breaking in.
  • Learn how to turn negative emotions such as fear & frustration into power tools for getting the job.
  • Learn how to get rich and stay rich, and why so many stars go bankrupt.
  • Learn the specific skills, traits, and actions that you must know to succeed in any genre.


Most of all, Breaking In will teach you how to become the person that gets the job and, even more importantly, gets to enjoy a long and fulfilling career in entertainment!

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